Nutrition Coaching Programs

Get the personalized support you deserve…

Enroll in one of our one-on-one habit-based nutrition coaching programs and achieve your health goals in a sustainable way.


3-month nutrition coaching program

3-month journey

I eat right, exercise regularly, but my weight won’t budge!

This program is for you if you need a high level of accountability and an exceptional support to reach your specific health goals. You are ready to level up your nutrition game.


6-month nutrition coaching program

6-month journey

I’ve tried many diets but they just didn’t work for me!

This program is for you if you end up gaining the weight back after each dieting plan. You are now ready to follow a healthier nutrition plan to achieve sustainable results.


12-month nutrition coaching program

12-month journey

My weight is affecting my mental health and emotional wellbeing!

This program is for you if your eating habits are out of control, your overall health is poor and you have low energy levels. You are ready to prioritize your health and improve your nutrition.

Private Workshops

Develop new skills to support your wellbeing…

Our private workshops are delivered by a certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach to help you master specific healthy practices.

Cooking Class

Healthy recipes to support your health goals

2-hour healthy cooking class

Creating flavorful and nutritious meals makes my healthy journey so exciting!

This mouth-watering healthy cooking class is backed by our ancestors wisdom and modern nutrition science to make healthful eating more cost-effective, joyful and rewarding.

Beauty Nutrition

Eat for glowing skin, shining hair and strong nails

2-hour nutrition workshop

Getting a youthful look starts by fueling my body with adequate nutrition!

Discover the nutrition secrets for a glowing look, inside out. In this private workshop, you’ll be introduced to new eating habits to naturally improve the quality of your skin, hair and nails.

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Meal Prepping

Master meal-prep to make your healthy journey much easier

2-hour meal-prep workshop

Learning how to meal-prep helped me save money, time and energy!

This workshop is for you if you want to become the Meal-Prep Master. Learn how to prepare and store your fresh healthy meal, and make your health transformation journey stress-free.

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Getting to know you better will allow me to guide you through my different coaching programs, and help you select the best option for you.

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Success stories…

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I got in touch with Pomodoro Nutrition as I needed to lose the extra weight I had gained since arriving in Dubai.

Thanks to Marwa’s professionalism and availability, I managed to lose 13kgs in 3 months.

During the coaching program, she helped me take small daily actions to develop healthy eating habits, without following a restrictive diet.

Having a coach who listens to me and understands my challenges was key to achieve my target weight.

Nicolas, 31

Working with Marwa as my personal Nutrition Coach was on of the best decisions I’ve made this year.

I was able to lose 6kgs in a very short period, and could finally control my sweets cravings, without feeling deprived! I could eat my favorite food and still lose weight.

Thanks a lot for supporting me and helping me reach my goal weight. Couldn’t be happier with the results.

Chaima, 33

Marwa was my personal nutrition coach for the last 2.5 months. A beautiful woman inside out, she works passionately into your nutrition goals. She made me feel very comfortable and enthusiastic to follow the nutrition goals she set.

I ended up gaining a friend. She changed my thinking from focusing on mere weight loss to eating right and keeping my mental health in balance.

Thank you Marwa for such a splendid job done.

Vincilla, 45

Marwa has been very encouraging and has been great offering amazing tips, recipes and tools to help me. Throughout my journey with her she would go above and beyond to ensure that I had the support, advice and encouragement necessary to reach my goal.

I would definitely recommend Marwa to anyone who is looking for a healthier lifestyle and to achieve their health goals.

Rabiya, 39

I highly recommend Pomodoro Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching. Marwa is such and amazing coach, who is patient, professional, knowledgeable, supportive and resilient.

My experience with her has been great. I lost a lot of weight without craving anything as she has always been there to support and guide me.

She also corrected many myths I used to believe about nutrition.

If you are willing to start a weight loss journey, don’t hesitate to start with her.

Passent, 33

How can a Nutrition Coach help me?…

There is a difference between the desire to be healthy, and actually being healthy!

An experienced and certified Nutrition Coach can help you bridge the gap.

Check out this post to learn how hiring a professional Health Coach can help you reach your goals and improve your health and body composition.