Here is how working with a Nutrition Coach will help you achieve your goals…

If you are trying to reach certain health goals, like fat loss, muscle gain or healthy skin and hair, hiring a nutrition coach is a valuable investment.

Hiring an experienced nutrition coach is a fantastic way to ensure that your daily eating habits are steering you towards your goals and not pulling you further away from them.

As your personal health coach, I will analyze your lifestyle and your body’s requirements to ensure that your daily habits are stepping stones to your long-term health and nutrition goals.

Here is what a Nutrition Coach will do for you… 

  1. Create a personalized program that fits your lifestyle.

Your plan is unique, just as you are, and is built around you. Every step of your journey is aligned to match your progress.

  1. Support you and keep you accountable throughout your journey.

Willpower alone is not enough to keep you on track. To be able to stay consistent with your new habits, accountability is key.

  1. Level up your knowledge about nutrition. 

The world of nutrition can be overwhelming, but a certified nutrition coach has the expertise to guide you at every step, and help you remove all the guesswork when it comes to making food choices.

  1. Help you master new healthy habits and skills that will last a lifetime.

Our private coaching programs will help you learn how to tweak your diet and eat better without restrictions or feeling deprived.

A nutrition coach will teach you how to understand your hunger cues, feel full and satisfied after meals, while nourishing your body and transforming your life.

Let’s get started!

I would love to know more about you and your health goals. Learning more about your lifestyle and objectives will help be guide you to the right program or workshop for you.

During the 45-min session we look at any immediate concerns about the coaching programs and nutrition workshops, and I will ensure all your questions about my services and how I work with you are answered.

By the end of the sessions, we will both be able to gauge if we are a good fit for each other.

Are you ready to kick-start your journey to a healthier lifestyle?


Do you offer online or in-person programs?

All our coaching programs are in-person. Some of the accountability sessions can exceptionally be held online when required.

However, your coach will be happy to create a full online program for you, if required. Please contact us for more details.

How much weight can I lose during the coaching program?

The results depend on many factors : your commitment to the program, your lifestyle, your hormones, your sleep quality, and your health history.

Most of our clients were able to lose from 3 to 5 kilograms per month.

Do you offer coaching programs for couples?

Absolutely! “Better-Together” is our special coaching program for couples.

Please check our Nutrition Coaching Packages to learn more about Couples Coaching Program.

Can I take a break during the coaching program?

You have the possibility to freeze your coaching service for up to 1 month, no questions asked.

However it’s highly recommended to stay in touch with your coach during your break to maintain your progress.